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New Venue 2024



Aireborough Gymnastics club (formally known as Aireborough Olympic Gymnastics club) has been running for nearly 50 years. It initially started at Aireborough Grammer school before it was demolished, the club then moved to Benton Park high school which it grew and ran successfully for many years until unfortunately Benton Park gym halls became condemned and in the end the building was demolished. 

We then contacted multiple schools in the area and venturing further out, to see if any school would be able to accommodate our club but unfortunately nowhere had the space to store the equipment needed. 

So, in 2016 we took the plunge to find a unit, so the club had its own facility, with not much on the market and with us not knowing what overheads we’ll be taking on, we decided to go with unit 4, Clayton wood close which wasn’t a huge space, but we made it work for a good 8 years! We have always dreamt of having more room, but it was very very rare any suitable units would come up in the area, but we did finally find something and back in the area the club originally started from. This is a unit that is double the size and has an open plan layout, it means we can have a better waiting area for parents and also, we will be able to put on a lot more shows and fundraisers. 


We will be staying in our current location until the end of this term, then we will make the move over to the new venue ready for September.


We hope you are just as excited as we are 

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