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Now that things have relaxed please see how are sessions will work going forward, we know it wont be going away so we are doing what we can keep sessions moving but still keep everyone safe at the same time. 

Please read below, before attending classes.  


Please only send your gymnast to training if they are fully fit. If they show any signs of Covid 19 - a temperature, cough, loss of taste or smell, sore throat etc then please let us know and keep them at home. If your gymnast has been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19 again please let us know. 



Please bring your gymnast over to the gym door where they will be greeted by one of our coaches. They will be shown through the changing room and into the gym where another coach will be waiting for them.

At home time again please come towards the gym door and we will direct the gymnasts to you. (They will go into the gym and come out within their allotted class time - please do not arrive too early or late as we need the car park clear for each class.)



We request that gymnasts bring as little as possible into the gym. They should arrive in a clean leotard or shorts/ T-shirt with an extra training top if cold, and wearing flip flops/ crocs/ wellies (quick to get on and off). Please don’t bring bags, coats, snacks, phones, cuddly toys!

Gymnasts should bring a water bottle with a sports top (containing water not juice) and take it into the gym. Girls - long hair should be plaited before entering the gym, please no long flowing ponytails. All jewellery should be removed before entering the gym - any newly pierced ears need to be covered before they come in.

Any gymnast who needs an inhaler or other medication please bring in a sealed plastic bag.



Please make sure that we have up to date emergency contact details on the “classes for kids” system. We will take a register each class and use the details on the system for emergencies. 



Our gym, toilet and changing room will be cleaned each day.

In between each evening session we will wipe down the most frequently used hard surfaces.

Gymnasts will be asked to sanitise their hands before they enter the gym.

Masks - gymnasts are not required to wear masks. Coaches are not required under BG guidance to wear masks, but currently we are choosing to wear them whilst supporting our gymnasts.

Ventilation - we will continue to open the door between classes to allow fresh air to circulate.



Although social distancing is no longer a requirement we do organise gymnasts in the warm up so they are well spread out.  When they move into their small apparatus groups there are lots of small stations set up to keep everyone busy and avoid gymnasts waiting in lines, close together,



Our coaches are first aid trained. If there is an injury coaches will use a mask before dealing with the injury.


We're now supporting in all of our classes when it's needed. Coaches will still be wearing masks whilst supporting to try eliminate transmission whilst working with the children, as we work with so many children throughout the week. 

Covid-19 Procedures: Text
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