We have worked hard to get the gym up and running for September and we will continue to work hard to maintain the opening of the gym in this difficult time. As it is everywhere at the moment things have changed in daily life to try and keep everyone safe and we have also made changes to our classes to keep the gymnasts and staff as safe as possible. Please make sure you read the new guidelines below before coming to class in April and that you have explained it to your child so they know what to expect. 

Please only send your gymnast to training if they are fully fit. If they show any signs of Covid 19 - a temperature, cough, loss of taste or smell, sore throat etc then please let us know and keep them at home. If your gymnast has been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19 again please let us know and do not send them to training. We will follow BG and Government guidelines on closing classes if there is any risk of spreading the virus between our gymnasts / coaches. 

Our coaches will be doing lateral flow testing every week to help ensure the safety of the children and your families and also the coaches and their families. We also hope parents have taken up the offer of free lateral flow testing as well, which will help even more in protecting us all.

Evening/weekend classes

Due to restrictions on space we ask that at drop off you wait with your gymnast next to your car.

One of our coaches will call them over to the door and they will be sent through the changing room and into the gym where another coach will greet them.
At home time again please wait next to your car and we will direct the gymnasts to you. (They will go into the gym and come out within their allotted class time - please do not arrive too early or late as we need the car park clear for each class.)
We are asking parents of our Primary classes to remain in the car park for the class duration incase you are needed by your child. If you're a parent of a child that attends a Junior or Senior class then you may now leave the venue but please make sure we are able to contact you if need be. 

Pre-school classes

Please make sure you don't arrive too early as we need time for earlier sessions to vacate the premises and to clean the gym before we can let you in. 

A couple of minutes before the start, wait by your car with your child (please keep belongings at a minimum) we will call you in the building one by one. 

Parents/Carers MUST wear a mask when inside and throughout the session.


When you enter, please sanitise your hands, then make your way through to the changing area.

Place all your belongings in one box to keep them from getting mixed up with anyone else's. 

Next go into the gym with your child and you will be greeted by another coach who will show you where to sit while we wait for everyone to come in. 


Evening/weekend classes
We request that gymnasts bring as little as possible into the gym.

They should arrive in a clean leotard or shorts/ T-shirt with only an extra training top if cold, and wearing flip flops/ crocs/ wellies.

They will take their shoes off in the changing room and go straight into the gym.

Please don’t bring bags, coats, snacks, phones, cuddly toys!
Gymnasts should bring a water bottle with a sports top (containing water not juice) and take it into the gym.

Girls - long hair should be plaited before entering the gym, please no long flowing ponytails.

All jewellery should be removed before entering the gym - any newly pierced ears need to be covered before they come in.
Any gymnast who needs an inhaler or other medication please bring in a sealed plastic bag.

Pre-school classes

We request that you bring as little as possible into the gym and to keep all your things in one place in the changing rooms, so not to mix with anyone else's. 

They should arrive in clean clothes and have an extra top if cold. Please avoid clothing with zips, hoods and dresses/skirts. If they can wear easy to put on/off footwear so it will make coming in/leaving the premises a bit quicker. 

You will take your shoes off in the changing room and go straight into the gym. If they have socks with grips on, then bring them for them to wear it can be cold in the gym, but normal socks will be too slippy for some equipment. 

Gymnasts should bring a water bottle with a sports top/sippy cup (containing water not juice) and take it into the gym.


If their hair goes over their eyes, then please try your best to tie it up 


All jewellery should be removed before entering the gym - any newly pierced ears need to be covered before they come in.

Please make sure that we have up to date emergency contact details on the “classes for kids” system. We will take a register each class and use the details on the system for emergencies. Please note that parent and gymnasts details will be passed on to the Government test and trace service if requested.

Our gym, toilet and changing room will be thoroughly cleaned each day.
In between each evening session we will wipe down the most frequently used hard surfaces.
The toilet will be sprayed and wiped down after every gymnast - please try make sure your gymnast goes to the toilet before you set off to training as this cleaning takes one of our coaches out of the gym area.
Gymnasts will be asked to sanitise their hands before entering the gym and there will be buckets of hand wipes in each area of the gym.

We will remind them to use them regularly.

Please get them to wash their hands before leaving home and then when you get them home please wash them again and put all kit in the wash!
Masks - gymnasts are not required to wear masks. Coaches are not required under BG guidance to wear masks unless there is a chance they have to break social distancing requirements. Parents/guardians that attend the pre-school classes must wear a mask.
Ventilation - while the weather permits we will open the front roller shutter door to allow fresh air to circulate. We are looking into the possibility of a ventilation unit.

Evening/weekend Classes

To meet social distancing requirements there will only be 15 gymnasts and 2 coaches in the gym.

We will give each gymnast a spot on the floor which is 1m plus from the next person.

They will stay here for warm ups and conditioning.

We will then set up individual stations around the gym and the gymnasts will rotate around them.

This set up will be new to all gymnasts but we are confident they will get the hang of it.

All the stations will be numbered and we will have a one way system around the gym.

We will be unable to physically support the gymnasts so will ensure that all activities are set up to challenge and be fun, but are within your gymnast’s capabilities.
Please note that if your gymnast struggles with following these rules - ie staying on a station, social distancing etc we will ask that you postpone their place at gym club until restrictions are eased further.

Pre-school classes 

To meet social distancing requirements there will be only 6 gymnasts per class with one parent each and 2 coaches in the gym. 

We will have an area marked out which will be 1m plus from the next person, in your area you will have a box of coloured equipment which we will use in the warm up. Please make sure you don't mix them up with anyone else, they are sanitised and quartined before being used again. 

Once the warm up is compete we will have various stations round the gym we will give you each a station to start on, you must remain at that station doing the activity until it is time to change round to the next one. 

This class set up will be new to us in April so it may take a couple of weeks to get the timings and to get a feel of how the kids take to the new session set up. 

If your child needs the toilet, please let one of the coaches know so we can make sure it's free to use, they will be cleaned between each use. 

When the session comes to an end, we will send you out one by one to collect your belongings and exit the building. 

Please make sure you don't arrive too early as we need time for earlier sessions to vacate the premises and to clean the gym before we can let you in. 

Our coaches are first aid trained. If there is an injury coaches will use gloves, mask and apron before touching a gymnast.