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Autumn term: September- December 2023

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the Annual insurance fee is due this term which is £33.00. You will also need to go on to the British Gymnastics site and renew your child’s insurance details to ensure the insurance is up to date and renewed. 


You can pay quickly and easily through the Class For Kids system and you will get an instant receipt with payment or you can pay via bank transfer.

If you do pay by cheque, there is a £1.50 charge, as it costs for us to process them.

This term will commence on Monday 4th September the last session before we break up for October half term is Saturday  28th October. We will then return on Monday 6th November for the second half of the term, the last session before we break up for the Christmas holidays is Saturday 16th December.

Please note that will be closed on Wednesday 18th October, Friday 20th October

& Saturday 2nd December.


School aged children 

New starters will need to pay the £33 annual insurance fee (£11 Club fee & £22 British Gymnastics fee) this will show up as set up fee on the ClassforKids system. British Gymnastics insurance is renewed every October, parents have to go on the British gymnastics site and renew their child's membership and make sure all details are update. 

Pre-school children

3-4 year Pre-School gymnasts that attend the Shooting stars classes will also need British Gymnastics insurance, which is £33 (£11 club fee & £15 British gymnastics fee + a Club t-shirt).


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