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A.G.C Kit 

We have our own club kit that you can purchase from us. It's not compulsory to wear club kit in training but when it come to our annual events such as our club competition and Christmas display, then we do prefer gymnasts in club kit. 

We have leotards for boys and girls, also leggings, joggers and training tops that can wear when its cold so their wearing safe clothing in sessions.


If you would like to order anything then please email us and then a coach will sort the items sizes and will send them out with your child after their next session to try on at home. If you need a different size, then just bring it back the following week and we can change the size to what's needed. 


Recreational Leotards 


Sizes from age 5year up to 10 years 


3/4 leggings 


Sizes: 5-6yrs, 7-8yrs, 9-10ys, 13-14yrs


Junior Leotards 


5yrs - 12yrs = £25

13+ yrs = £29

Sizes: 5-6yrs, 7-8yrs, 9-10ys, 11-12yrs, 13+yrs 

We can order these in long sleeve on request. 


Training tops 



These can be worn through out training as they have no hood and the have a zip only at the top so it wont damage the bars when the gymnasts are training on them. 

Sizes: Xsmall, Small, Medium, Large 


Boys leotard & shorts set 


Sizes: 5-6yrs, 7-8yrs, 9-10yrs 


Unisex base layer 


This can be worn on its own, over leotards or under t-shirts for extra warmth. 

Sizes: Xsmall, Small, Medium, Large


Competition Leotard 


Sizes: 26" (INT), 28" (CME), 30" (CLA), 32" (AXS), 34" (ASM), 36" (AME), 38" (ALA)

These are only available to our gymnasts that train in external gymnastics competitions 


Competition top


These are to be worn while attending competitions 

Sizes: Xsmall, Small, Medium, Large


Pre-school t-shirts 


Sizes: 3-4 years 


Grip socks


These can be worn in warm up and in class throughout the winter but not allowed to be worn whilst on the beam.

Sizes: 1-5yrs and 6-12rs

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